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Our Mission

Healthcare for All


To create an ecosystem that democratizes the process by which any patient can seek health advice from world-class physicians seamlessly.


We believe that in our advanced-technological world, where you live should not be a barrier to you receiving expert opinions about your health conditions.


Our creative platform aims to enable doctors to do what they do best: caring for patients. We believe that happy doctors means better patient care.

The meaning of “IMI”

IMI aims to use technology to disrupt the way the traditional healthcare system works. Its name (pronounced as “E-me”) is inspired by “The Imitation Game” proposed by Alan Turing - the father of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Our Culture

At IMI, our people are the heart of our culture. Our people embody Passion, Compassion, Innovation, and Creativity. We believe that a fun and nurturing environment unleashes human potential to build the best product for our users.

Our Team

IMI is a healthcare tech startup created and advised by top medical and technological experts from leading institutions, hospitals, and companies such as Stanford, UCSF, and Google. Our team is fun, passionate, and multinational, spanning from the Bay Area, US to Saigon, Vietnam